Finishing in Style – The Samhita Academy MTB Challenge’18

To read the published article on The Hindu - Click here.!! The Sunday, 7th Jan’18, dawned with the kids showcasing their bicycle handling skills in The Samhita Academy MTB Challenge, a district level cycling competition for kids aged between 4 and 11. The event was hosted in the six-acre campus of The Samhita Academy CBSE School, [...]

Rumble in the Jungle – Briar MTB Challenge – 2017

The cloud-capped town of Valparai, woke up to the rumble of India’s finest mountain bikers battling it out in the plantations of The Briar Group on 20th August 2017, for the inaugural edition of the Briar MTB Challenge 2017. The landscape, the weather and the town was the perfect recipe for a sizzling MTB race. [...]