Essential Nutrition Tips for Cycling – Eat Up to Spin Out..!! – Rewheelution Workshops – S2


Rewheelution Workshop – S2

Eat, drink and be merry is good to read, but eating and drinking right is the key in making us merry on our rides.  Let's catch up for a discussion on how to tweak fueling our engines for specific rides and make it work for us..!! The topic for the weekend is Nutrition for cycling [...]

Cycles, Corners and Crowds…!!

With the monsoons setting in and the skies opening up, the regulars at the MMSC race track at Sriperumbudur, Chennai were in for a searing surprise as the usual thunder and roar of revving engines and screeching tires was ousted by the hiss and buzz of bicyclists zipping past in their nimble carbon crafted beauties. [...]

Rumble in the Jungle – Briar MTB Challenge – 2017

The cloud-capped town of Valparai, woke up to the rumble of India’s finest mountain bikers battling it out in the plantations of The Briar Group on 20th August 2017, for the inaugural edition of the Briar MTB Challenge 2017. The landscape, the weather and the town was the perfect recipe for a sizzling MTB race. [...]

Race Report – Heini Championship, ITT – 1

We started with thunder and lightning and ended having a BLAST...!! A Prelude to the Prologue August 13th, the First Round of the Inaugural Edition of the Heini Championship's Individual Time Trial (ITT) took off to a flying start. The team was robust and preparations were strong, the tiniest detail on how the medal bands [...]