The Heini ITT – 3, Grand Finale.. The clash of the Titans

“It’s not how you start that matters.. it’s how you push through, break barriers and wrap  up in style that counts”.

Holds true for a lot of finer aspects in life as well as to time trials..!!

With the year drawing to close, it was time to raise the curtains for one last time, for the grand finale of The Heini Championship with the ITT – 3.

The Heini Championship – ITT 3. The team that made it happen..!!

The story so far..

The first two races had witnessed action in loads, with the Chennai Express sweeping it clean to claim the top spot in the Podium. The coveted spot out of contention, the Coimbatore boys were engaged in a battle of their own, with Vishwa leading,  trailed closely by The Green Steak a.k.a Arjun Murali and Kovai Puyal a.k.a Rajesh.

The sweet course laid out

Avinashi road beyond the toll, the go to start point for all Heini ITTs so far, was picked up as the start point with a small increment in the distance. Upped to 40 Km, this was the longest in the series  (16 – 30 – 40.. a good progression indeed..:-) ) but definitely not the toughest due to the conducive wind pattern. The course – butter smooth three lane road with no speed breakers at the U turn, dotted with long flyovers to break the rhythm to thrust in that wee bit of anaerobic intervals every two or three kilometres. Riders were to ride out straight 28 Kms and loop back 12 Kms to finish line for some lip smacking breakfast.

The women had a special route carved out for them as well. The evergreen 10 mile course was theirs to scorch. 16 km with long steady flyovers peppered in every 2 km was theirs  snack.

The D day in December

It was 05:30 am on 24th Dec’17, there was relative calm at the start line, no winds and not the hustle bustle that you expect to see before a grand finale, but these were no indicators for the storm to be unleashed.

The team from the registration desk/ start crew / Finish timing crew were the first to arrive at the start point.

  • Laptop check – done
  • Bib check – done
  • Indemnity check  – done

Slowly the riders started to check in. The registration tally from previous evening read 40 plus, the highest that we had so far… We had 31 riders who had checked in by 06:15 am and the flag was from 06:30 am in 30 second intervals. The start order was set in the reverse of the finish sequence from the overall championship with the faster and stronger riders lined up to the end of the grid. This was done to reduce the time gap between the slowest and the fastest rider to finish, to give the race a crisp closure.

5…4…3…2…1 and lift off…!!

We had The Agmark,  Blue Mountain Express – Adithya Muthusamy take care of count down duty and riders were let off the gird in 30 second intervals. The father – son duo, Vijay and Adithya were the first to be given the start. The structured countdown meant that 31 riders were off in less than 17 minutes and the start line crew packed up and doubled up to drive the photography crew. What a sight it was to see the riders zip down Avinashi road one after another edging themselves to the absolute limits..

The mission they set out on their machines. Far too less to convey by words..:-)

The Start Line @ Kaniyur Toll
The ladies contingent
The boys being boys at the breakfast point @ Tirupur Annapoorna
Chennai boys enjoying Coimbatore hospitality..!!

Finish line timing duties beckoned, so the ride was missed out. The top item in the bucket list for 2018 is to ride the Heini Championship..

Any volunteers for timing duties.. ? 🙂

We finish.. when we FINISH with Good Food..!

The finish for the 16 Km women’s race and the 40 Km men’s race was bang opposite to Tirupur Annapoorna by the highway. The management and staff at Annapoorna had been kind enough to accept our request and bear with the post race ruckus that we created every 60 days. The women were the first to finish their race and the race winners are

  • 2nd Runner Up – Kiruba
  • 1st Runner Up – Mahalakshmi
  • Winner – Pavithra Sri

Now it was for the men to burst through the finish line..!!

The finish was as predicted, with Ashwin bagging a hat-trick, with Viswa close on his heels and Arjun Murali trailing behind.  The Chennai Express, Ashwin made it look so effortless with his mean machine. The greatest improvement for the season was from VM04 – Vishwadev, who had been following a structured training program and hit the revered 40kmph average for the race..!!

The championship winners for the Heini’17 season are,

  • 2nd Runner Up – Arjun Murali
  • 1st Runner Up – Vishwadev Muraleedharan
  • Winner – Ashwin

Sadly, we did not have the women qualify for the championship standing, hope to see more enthusiastic participation from them in 2018.

Kudos to the winners and cheers to all the enthusiastic participants..!!

The complete results

A big shout out to the sponsors and supporters who made the first series a grand success

  • Heini Sports India, for taking the step to sponsor and support this initiative and dazzle us with their uber cool and top of the line cycling apparel
  • Bragathi Hospital for the first aid, medical and ambulance support
  • Studio KCT – for clicks that speak out and the professionalism exhibited
  • GK Cycles.. a.k.a. Gopalakrishna Cycle Mart for the technical support rendered
  • Tirupur Annapoorna for the lip smacking breakfast served time and again and for the prize distribution venue

Does this mean we wrap up…? Not quite.. we turn a page to write a new chapter.. Stay tuned for 2018… Schedule and events line up to be posted by 30th Dec’17..

Happy holidays and see ya all in 2018.. More miles more smiles..!!

Picture credits – Saravana and Rajesh

Thanks for reading..!!

– DS

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    1. Glad that you enjoyed the fine event..!! The next season is up with loads of surprises..!! Stay tuned.. the wait is not going to be long..!!

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