Race Report – Heini Championship, ITT – 1

We started with thunder and lightning and ended having a BLAST…!!

A Prelude to the Prologue

August 13th, the First Round of the Inaugural Edition of the Heini Championship’s Individual Time Trial (ITT) took off to a flying start.

The team was robust and preparations were strong, the tiniest detail on how the medal bands should look was researched and executed. The course was marked, risk mitigation plan laid out and the registration was thrown open. And then poured-in the unrelenting support of the Cycling Community in Coimbatore (and of course friends from Chennai). Registrations started trickling in and on D day there were 26 brave-hearts who had lined up for the “Race of Truth”.

The weather plays spoil sport…! But the riders are sport…!

The weather man was not consulted and the thunder storms took the job of the cuckoo bird. Awake to thunder and rain drops pelting the window panes. The rains caused anxious messages to be exchanged between the riders and the organizers about the possibility of a reschedule. The organizing team did a risk assessment and declared that the course had less rainfall than originally thought, “Rain or Shine, it was Game On”, for the Heini Individual Time Trial Round 1. The rains might have dampened the road but did not dampen the rider’s spirit. Yes, the showers indeed decked the colorful event with more flavor and allure.

One Minute Intervals and Take Off.

Riders being held were given the take-off call in sixty second intervals and they bolted braving the cold breeze that the rain had invited towards the finish line, 10 miles away.

Start Line
The Line-up

The 10 miles sail

The wind was just one of the elements the riders had to battle with. The long unending flyovers, the wet roads and the water spray from the wheels had the riders spinning their cranks. Ashwin Govindasamy, The Chennai Express bagged the podium position in a breeze. Ashwin made the win look effortless and munched the 10-mile snack in 00:22:18. The first runner up and the second runner up prizes were picked up by Durairaj (00:24:47) and Arjun Murali (00:25:04) respectively from Coimbatore. The women’s podium was claimed by M.C.Pavithra Sri (00:30:59), with K.R.Varshini (00:31:31) finishing in second and Mahalakshmi (00:40:35) in the third position.

The Results and Championship Points Tally

Points Tally
The Heini Championship Points Tally after Round 1

And in the end, it begins

Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India has a long tradition of motor racing. Cycling is a new addition to the city’s sporting culture and is fast becoming a hit among the young and the young in heart. The city’s thirst for speed in unquenchable and cycling has answered the call. The rains watered the spirits and breathed in a new lease of life. And so, it begins…

Are you a newbie cyclist yearning for some fun on wheels? Or are you an amateur aspiring to scale a notch up? If you had experienced “The Race of Truth?” do drop a comment or a note on how this race fit your bill, and how you would like to make it better.

Ride, Race, Recover and Repeat.!!

– DS

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